About us


Jelfilm Company
Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 87 67 030 27

JelFilm is a production and distribution company established in 2004 in Bulgaria, Sofia. The company’s main activity is producing both its own film projects and international joint ones. The company cooperates with partners from Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. It’s a big pleasure for us to implement new, interesting projects with enthusiastic partners. That’s why we are always open to the new suggestions.

Our mission is to improve the level of cultural development of Bulgaria through producing and offering to the audience creative films of a high quality. We believe that the film industry has a big influence on the society’s educational process, that’s why are thoroughly oriented to implementation of such kind of projects, which would strengthen and improve competences, knowledge, personal skills and motivation  of both the citizens of Bulgaria and people all over the world.

These are some films we’ve assured postproduction management: “6.9 on the Richter Scale”; “Europolis”; “Forecast”; “Love.net ”; “My Little Nothing”; “Rat Poison”.

Now we are implementing the first join film project “My Grandma’s Locks” between Armenia ( “Paralles Film Production”), Bulgaria ( “JelFilm”) and Germany ( “Clever Production”). The premiere is set on 2019.

Follow these links for more information :              www.filmneweurope.com                  kulturni-novini.info